Everything You Need To Know About Colour Analysis!

Colour Analysis aims to look skin deep, to discover one’s skin undertone, and through that, understand what colours suit best to highlight an individual natural beauty. when doing that, people focus is on you, not the colours/clothes you wear.

Colour Analysis goes back to the 80s and first operated in 4 seasons: winter, summer, spring & autumn. It became clear very quickly that it’s pretty impossible to place people only in 4 categories, thus the 12-seasonal system was born & later, a 16-seasonal one. On this page, I am concentrating only on 16 seasonal systems!

colour analysis

Depends 100% on your skin undertone

Have you heard about vein tests or testing different jewelry near your face to determine the season? Or perhaps you have brown eyes and don’t believe you are a summer? Forget all of these “tests”. Professionals are concentrating on your skin undertone only!

Professional analysts are looking at your natural coloring at different ages, as well as your eye pattern, however, these are merely elements allowing us to make the hypothesis. The process of elimination via draping will ultimately determine your skin undertone and your season.

The draping process whos clearly does cool vs warm, light vs dark, or muted vs bright colours suit your natural beauty the best.

As you can see in my own experience, I hid my natural beauty behind very dark colours. I thought black will flatter me, when in fact, it was the too cool and heavy colour for my warm & light natural beauty. You could see the colour first then actually notice me.

When embracing warmer & lighter colours, you could see how much more attention it draws to ME. You see my face shining & even my complexion appears more youthful.

How to choose a colour analyst?

There are so many service providers who offer colour analysis consultation & when you want to have a professional to analyze you, you should not be in trouble finding the best person either online or going somewhere for an in-person consultation. Both can be 100% accurate and a good investment for the future to make better choices while shopping. I do have 2 recommendations when choosing:

Firstly, make sure your analyst has a certification paper to prove they have made extensive training in order to offer colour analysis services. 

Secondly, but not least important, is to check do you even vibe with the analyst. Is the person someone you trust? Sending your bare-face selfies can be a very triggering experience to many, and you really want to make sure you feel safe in front of the new eyes looking at your photos. 

I hope you find the best analyst, whose values, methodology, and training are aligning with yours!

After a month of health struggles, I am back 😮‍💨❤️‍🩹

How have you been? 

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Raise your hand who have cut bangs or the hair so short, or colour it to some new colour, only to realise that it’s really off once it’s done? ✋🏻

I have, so many times. You look at someone who rocks a certain look and you get obsessed and you want to have it too. But first, ask yourself:

1. do you have similar colouring as the person you try to get inspired from;
2. or, do you have the same body type? 😊

According to Kibbe Body Types, I am Soft Natural. So everything round, flowy, soft & natural looking suits me perfectly. That also includes hairstyles.

If I go very short, straight, perfectly fixed hairstyles, they look unnatural for me (but would look amazing on other body types that benefit with these structures). 💝

What hairstyle you have had that you regret the most? 👀

I 💕 working with you too & I promise I do my best to make you feel good the entire process 🙏🏼😊

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My client is the so talented finding the best True Spring colours 🥰 This is the perfect pink for springs - the 🍣 pink! 

It has the right amount of warmth while still giving the pink vibe! 🥰

• Light Spring •

Light Spring season people have very light hair, but can have any eye colour. 👁 Yes, even brown!

Recently had a lady who fell into Light Spring sub-season & because she had brown eyes, this was the last season she thought she will be!

However, I don’t look at your physical colours so much as I look at your skin undertone! The only elimination I can do (based on your physical colouring), is that if you have very light hair, you are not in winter or autumn season and if your hair is super dark/black, you can’t be in Light Summer or Light Spring sub-season. But you can be in any of the other summer or spring subs. 🙏🏼

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Could smooch 😘 this 5.8kg bundle of joy forever! 💝

I love how he has a tiny bit of my hair colour in his fur too! 🥰🙏🏼