I’m Kadri

Your certified colour analyst!

Your unique beauty deserves celebrating!

I was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia where, in a post-Soviet country, the style wasn’t something that was overly accessible.

Being overweight cut down the styling options even more, and I was left to wear clothes that I could simply fit in. Not being able to express my own unique style led me into something of an identity crisis. But your personal style and who you want to outwardly reflect is a funny thing – it’s always trying to come out.

“Getting your colours done can be a life changing event in ones life!“

― kadri penjam

My Credentials

Fast forward four years, and here I am: your certified colour analyst, trained in both 12 & 16-season and tonal systems

I have successfully completed the following pieces of training in colour analysis:

– Colour Analysis Training in a Box by Kim Bolsover
– Colour Your Client Fabulous Online by Kim Bolsover
– Both in real life & online experience with now reaching 200+ clients.

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After a month of health struggles, I am back 😮‍💨❤️‍🩹

How have you been? 

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Raise your hand who have cut bangs or the hair so short, or colour it to some new colour, only to realise that it’s really off once it’s done? ✋🏻

I have, so many times. You look at someone who rocks a certain look and you get obsessed and you want to have it too. But first, ask yourself:

1. do you have similar colouring as the person you try to get inspired from;
2. or, do you have the same body type? 😊

According to Kibbe Body Types, I am Soft Natural. So everything round, flowy, soft & natural looking suits me perfectly. That also includes hairstyles.

If I go very short, straight, perfectly fixed hairstyles, they look unnatural for me (but would look amazing on other body types that benefit with these structures). 💝

What hairstyle you have had that you regret the most? 👀

I 💕 working with you too & I promise I do my best to make you feel good the entire process 🙏🏼😊

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My client is the so talented finding the best True Spring colours 🥰 This is the perfect pink for springs - the 🍣 pink! 

It has the right amount of warmth while still giving the pink vibe! 🥰

• Light Spring •

Light Spring season people have very light hair, but can have any eye colour. 👁 Yes, even brown!

Recently had a lady who fell into Light Spring sub-season & because she had brown eyes, this was the last season she thought she will be!

However, I don’t look at your physical colours so much as I look at your skin undertone! The only elimination I can do (based on your physical colouring), is that if you have very light hair, you are not in winter or autumn season and if your hair is super dark/black, you can’t be in Light Summer or Light Spring sub-season. But you can be in any of the other summer or spring subs. 🙏🏼

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Could smooch 😘 this 5.8kg bundle of joy forever! 💝

I love how he has a tiny bit of my hair colour in his fur too! 🥰🙏🏼